The mission of Luminous Words is…

to explore one powerful transformative word each day of the work week by shedding light on their contemporary meanings and etymology; and then connect that word to the wisdom of the world’s sages so that we can then ponder the wonder and the meaning with a short meditation on that luminous word.

tricycle-691587_1280When my son was a toddler he taught himself to ride the tricycle.  First, he moved the front wheel by only turning the handlebars. He wouldn’t have it any other way, and practiced until he was satisfied.  Secondly, he placed his feet, not on the pedals, but on the floor to move the bike.  Finally, he placed his feet on the pedals and merged the steering to fully ride the tricycle.  Witnessing his process taught me that sometimes it takes time to pull all the pieces together.

I love to write and to read, but it’s takes me a moment to grasp and comprehend the full meanings of a word.  I am a researcher at heart, and respect the power and mystery of information, as well as the magical journeys knowledge can provide.  For me, gleaning information is the equivalent to prospecting gold, so much so, that I share the treasures I find with my closest friends and colleagues.  What’s so mystical and magical is what I often share is usually what people may need the most.  I’ve done this for several years, particularly with those friends who cherished my vision, thoughts, and advice.

However, my search for the origins, meanings, and wisdom of words started to converge approximately a couple of years ago when having morning conversations with a beloved colleague at work.

For me, gleaning information is the equivalent to prospecting gold, so much so, that I share the treasures I find with my closest friends and colleagues.

One morning after one of our conversations she suggested Fearless was the theme of the day.  I agreed and we pounded it out as if saying a prayer, and went on with our work.

It didn’t take long before I observed co-workers displaying extraordinary fearlessness, not only for themselves, but for others too.  I, too, felt strong, empowered, and victorious. I spoke my mind with clear authority and without fear.

After I took a break and had a mediation walk I asked my co-worker if we could talk and agree on one word a day.  After we agreed, during breaks, I researched and gleaned as much information as I could about that word.  In time, I shared my work with other colleagues, sending out emails.

This website is the next stage of this journey.

I dedicate this virtual and protective space to beloved soul mates, wisdom explorers, and to a growing circle of new friends, who like me, are in search of meaning and wonder in their lives.  You encourage and inspired me, in your own unique and wise ways, to use my voice and gifts in service and in search of profound truth.

Deep deep gratitude also goes to my son and daughter and a close circle of beloved friends, who are by far, my greatest teachers, and my soul family members, those who have pushed me to have the courage and to awaken to the highest parts of my self.

A special thanks goes to my webmaster whose design, deep questioning and listening coached me further climb higher hills of inspiration and creativity.

With Much Love, Tonya Tolson