:  combined action or operation
:  a mutually advantageous conjunction or compatibility of distinct business participants or elements (as resources or efforts)



Synergy: 1650s, “cooperation,” from Modern Latin synergia, from Greek synergia “joint work, a working together, cooperation; assistance, help, “from synergos working together, ” related to synergein “work together, help another in work,” from syn- “together” + ergon “work” (organ).  Meaning “combined activities of a group” is from 1847; sense of “advanced effectiveness as a result of cooperation” is from 1957.



“With a comprehensive action plan, a coalition can engage peole, ideas, and resources across sectors to create a synergy of health and prevention efforts that will have a lasting effect on community health."

Frances Dunn Butterfoss (founding president of CoalitionWorks, professor at Eastern Virginia Medical School, and founding director of two coalitions: Consortium for Infant 7 Child Health, and Project Immunize Virginia)

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"When it all boils down, it's about embracing each others' stories and maybe even finding that synergy to collaborate for the common good."

Dhani Jones (b. 1978, a former American football linebacker who played for eleven seasons in the National Football League, played college football for the Michigan Wolverines, earning All-Big Ten honors for three straight seasons)

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“Individual talent is an obstruction principally among teams that employ the facade of a synergy to diminish the majorities mediocrity."

Anthony Corlisatra (writer and author)

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“We must think of ourselves as a tribe — as an international community that has come together with a common purpose of being initiated into the process. We all have to do it together. There is a link that happens — where THE growth, my growth, depends on the others' growth around us. We can no longer take these steps by ourselves. We have created a synergistic community. We must take a step towards knowledge together.”

Alberto Villoldo (b. 1949, psychologist, medical anthropologist and author of neo-shamanism bestsellers, and founder of Four Winds Society and Light Body School)

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"Synergy and serendipity often plan a big part in medical and scientific advances."

Julie Bishop (minister for Foreign Affairs in Australia's Federal Coalition Government)

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“When it all boils down, it’s about embracing each others’ stories and maybe even finding that synergy to collaborate for the common good.”

Dhani Jones

Having a dialogue with someone, an authentic heart-felt conversation, is bit like taking a journey.   It’s exciting and you never know where the conversation may turn or what gold nuggets or epiphanies you may discover.

I love sharing my stories and hearing the stories of others, because there are vast opportunities to uncover the common ground we can tread upon, and to unearth new information, so we can then begin to connect the dots.  

The journey is in the familiarity and in surprises.

But, in order to hear the levels of another person’s stories one must be fully be present to listen deeply.  One will then hear the other person’s truth, and discern the openings to be transported into the dream-reality of another’s world.

I had a dear friend who was a Vietnam veteran, who sometimes told me his horrors of war.  These stories were so vivid that in order to be a true friend I had to stay present and become a witness to the traumatic events.

 To empathize with another person’s story, one must see another’s truth, or else the story will not hit the heart and synergy of true compassion and understanding will not take place.  

Stories provide the blueprints to how to navigate our lives.  This is the reason why the music and art are so important and so healing.  They allow us to use our imagination and to place ourselves in the shoes of another.

Stay adventurous, sojourners!

Much Love, Tonya


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