Revive, Restore

: to restore to consciousness or life
: to restore from a depressed, inactive, or unused state
: to renew in the mind or memory
: Give Back, Return
: to put or bring back into existence
: to bring back to or put back into a former or original state : Renew



Revive (v.): early 15th century, “return to consciousness; restore to health,” from Middle French revivre (10th century), from Latin revivereto live again,” from re– “again” + vivereto live.” Meaning “bring back to notice or fashion” is from the mid-15th century.

Restore (v.) c. 1300, “to give back,” also “to build up again, repair,” from Old French restorer, from Latin restaurarerepair, rebuild, renew,” from re– “back, again” + staurare, as in instaurareto stand, set down, make or be firm.”



“Romance is about putting things aright after some tragedy has put them asunder. It is about restoration of the right relations among things — and going home is where that restoration occurs because that is where it matters most.”

Bartlett Giamatti (1938-1989, Renaissance scholar, former president of Yale University, and the seventh Commissioner of Major League Baseball; also the father of the actor, Paul Giamatti)

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“The work of restoration cannot begin until a problem is fully faced.”

Dan B. Allender (b. 1952, prominent Christian therapist, professor, author, and speaker, who focuses on sexual abuse and trauma)

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“Action on behalf of life transforms. Because the relationship between self and the world is reciprocal, it is not a question of first getting enlightened or saved and then acting. As we work to heal the earth, the earth heals us.”

Robin Wall Kimmerer (mother, scientist, distinguished professor of environmental biology, enrolled member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, and founder and director of the Center for Natives Peoples and the Environment)

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“Murderers don't get forgiven just because we promise to be good from now on. We have to earn our way back. One hundred is the price. One hundred lives for each we took. That seems fair. That's how we get whole again and that's our work, from now until as long as it takes.”

Bill Willingham (b. 1956, American writer and artist of comics, known for the series Elementals and Fables)

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“If the word has the potency to revive and make us free, it has also the power to blind, imprison, and destroy.”

Ralph Ellison (1914-1994, American novelist, literary critic, scholar, and writer; best known for his novel, Invisible Man, which won the National Book Award in 1953.)

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“I will revive the legend of the economic miracle, making the country a place where people have no worry about living and young people merrily go to work.”

Park Geun-hye (b. 1952, the eleventh, first female, and current President of South Korea swore in 2013; also the daughter of former South Korean President Park Chung-hee.)

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“The Creator did not speak man into existence as He did all else which He made, but He began with previously made material. So in the restoration process He did not speak the restoration into reality by fiat. Rather He began the process through a series of connected acts and events. And certainly no act of the Eternal Creator would ever be without purpose or reason.”

J. Otis Yoder (Died 2003, founder of Heralds of Hopes, former college professor)

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“There is no inconsistency when God raises up those who have fallen prostrate.”

John Calvin (1509-1564, French theologian and pastor during the Protestant Reformation; developed the Christian theology called Calvinism; former humanist lawyer, who broke from the Roman Catholic Church around 1530.)

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When we go through trauma and hurt, the medicine that ultimately revives and restores us is Love. The cures of Love aren’t always immediate, though.  It takes time to grieve and to find the appropriate healers, partners, and collaborators we need to shift and transform internally and externally.

Our world has been mowed over and over again with so many atrocities, in an attempt to blind humanity to our original mission to love and to create joyously.

Our Planet, a place of polarities, was designed to be a beautiful, magnificent, and challenging playground where we would have an infinite amount of building blocks to work on and expand.

The horrific acts of violence around the world are evil’s way of slowing us down and limiting us in fear, anxiety, and despair.

We have to work together to transcend and break free of our false imprisonments.

In the harmony and peace we are light beings, newborns with beginners’ minds and hearts, viewing the world from truly loving perspectives, infinite in possibilities.

If we are brave and fearless, our spiritual revivals will give us access to our ancient universal knowing where we are ageless and wise.

We will then be able to anchor ourselves to our Blessed Mother Earth in a new way, and view and record traumatic events as markers of humanity’s desire to restore and revive Life for the better.

Keep the faith, my friends!

Miraculously Yours, Tonya




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