intransitive verb
1: to turn from sin and dedicate oneself to the amendment of one’s life
2 (a): to feel regret or contrition; (b): to change one’s mind



Repent (v.): c. 1300, “to feel such regret for sins or crimes as produces amendment of life,” from Old French repentir (11th century), from re-, here probably an intensive prefix + Vulgar Latin penitire “to regret,” from Latin poenitire “make sorry,” from poena (penal).  The distinction between regret and repent is made in many modern languages, but the differentiation is not present in older periods.  Also from c. 1300 in Middle English and after in an impersonal reflexive sense, especially as (it) repenteth (me, him, etc.).



"It is impossible to repent of love. The sin of love does not exist."

Muriel Spark (Scottish author, novelist, academic, poet, publisher, literary critic, best known for her 1961 novel, "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie")

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“No evil dooms us hopelessly except the evil we love, and desire to continue in, and make no effort to escape from.” 

George Eliot (born Mary Ann Evans in 1819 and died 1880, known by her pen name; English novelist, poet, journalist, translator and one of the leading writers of the Victorian Age)

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“Learn in confession to be honest with God. Do not give fair names to foul sins; call them what you will, they will smell no sweeter.” 

Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-1892, English Baptist Preacher)

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“You asked me questions nobody ever asked me before. You knew that I was a murderer two times over, but you treated me like a man...” 

Richard Wright (1908—1960, novelist and short-story writer, who was among the first black American writers to protest white treatment of blacks, notably in his novel, "Native Son" (1940) and his autobiography, Black Boy)

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“Throw my heart
Against the flint and hardness of my fault:
Which, being dried with grief, will break to powder,
And finish all foul thoughts.”

William Shakespeare ((baptized in 1564 and died April 23, 1616, English poet, dramatist, and actor, often called the English national poet and considered by many to be the greatest dramatist of all time)

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“It is impossible to repent of love. The sin of love does not exist.”

Muriel Spark



If we love no matter what “mistakes” or “missteps” we think we are making, we are growing, transforming, and evolving for the betterment of our souls.  Love can be a messy game, though, because it requires us to take risks, to be vulnerable, and to play the “fool” at times.  Sometimes, we don’t know that we are even playing that game until our hearts are broken, and this doesn’t have to be in romantic nature either.

For instance, for nearly a year my friend Pam and I volunteered to pick up Sandy, a young woman in her late 20s and her daughter, Janice.  They wanted to attend church and Sunday school, and we were more than happy to support someone who wanted a better life.  So, every Saturday I would text Sandy and Pam to confirm their attendance and to make sure we were on the same page.  But, when Pam’s weekend schedule got more complicated, I gladly carried on with my duties.  As a result, I got a chance to dialogue and to develop a relationship with Sandy that I would never have anticipated.

However, when I asked Sandy to take a little bit more responsibility and text me the night before that she and Janice were attending church, she refused and I began to feel a little resentful and told her so.  Sandy immediately told me that she couldn’t deal with me.  I thought that was an interesting response, said OK, and wished them both well.

At first, I was a little bit sad, but that feeling didn’t last long, because I worked to love unconditionally.  I had tried my best to love, encourage, and support, and if my love wasn’t received in the way I gave it, then that’s was okay as well.  When it’s time we mature and repent to a deeper level of understanding.

Don’t ever give up on Love, sojourners!

Miraculously Yours, Tonya





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