: the thing that you plan to do or achieve : an aim or purpose
: a determination to act in a certain way : Resolve
: the object for which a prayer, mass, or pious act is offered
: a process or manner or healing of incised wounds
: a concept considered as the product of attention directed to an object of knowledge



Intention (n.) mid 14th century, from Old French entencion stretching, intensity, will, thought” (12th century), from Latin intentionema stretching out, straining, exertion, effort; attention,” noun of action from intendereto turn one’s attention,” literally “to stretch out.”

Related Word: Tenet (n.): “principle, opinion, or dogma maintained as true by a person, sect, school, etc.,” properly “a thing held (to be true),” early 15th century from Latin “he holds.”




Intention is one of the most powerful forces there is. What you mean when you do a thing will always determine the outcome. The law creates the world.”

Brenna Yovanoff (b. 1979, age 36, young adult and speculative fiction author)

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“The life of every man is a diary in which he means to write one story, and writes another.”

J.M. Barrie (1860-1937, Scottish author and dramatist, best known for writing the play Peter Pan)

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“A storyteller makes up things to help other people; a liar makes up things to help himself.”

Daniel Wallace (b. 1959, American author, and best known for his 1988 novel Big Fish: A Novel of Mythic Proportions)

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“Some say if you want success surround yourself with successful people. I say if you want true and lasting success surround yourself with people of integrity.”

Charles F. Glassman (medical doctor, known as Coach MD, and author of the Brain Drain – The Breakthrough That Will Change Your Life)

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“Authenticity requires us to slow down. Fast times require us to slow down. To be effective, we need to slow down our pace of thought and action and focus on managing our attention. To be authentic leaders we need to act from intention and choice rather than from habit and impulse.”

Henna Inam (executive coach, speaker, consultant, and author of Wired for Authenticity)

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“Logic in all its infinite potential is the most dangerous of vices. For one can always find some form of logic to justify his action, and rest comfortably in the assurance, that what he did abides by reason. That is why, for us brittle beings, Intention is the only true weapon of peace.”

Ilyas Kassam (writer, chef and philosopher)

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“If therefore my work is negative, irreligious, atheistic, let it be remembered that atheism — at least in the sense of this work — is the secret of religion itself; that religion itself, not indeed on the surface, but fundamentally, not in intention or according to its own supposition, but in its heart, in its essence, believes in nothing else than the truth and divinity of human nature.”

Ludwig Feuerbach (1804-1872, German philosopher and anthropologist best known for his book The Essence of Christianity)

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Intention is one of the most powerful principles of any spiritual practice.  So, it’s so interesting to see listed in its contemporary meanings a definition of prayer and pious acts.

Without awareness and intention we are like rudderless ships adrift with very little focus.  We need intention, attention, and focus to guide us from one moment to the next in order to create.

When I first started sketching out a path in my word spiritual awakening, the word, Intention, was such a nebulous concept. I could not fully wrap my mind around to its meaning, mainly because I didn’t have all the components of my mind and body to think or perceive clearly.

I was too jammed-up mentally and emotionally with constant loops of erroneous and conflicting programming, which prevented me from having any spiritual and physical acuity. I had to sort through all the materials in my metaphorical garbage-can and clear it out in order to get to a point where I could hold a thought and propel the intention forward with effort and ease.

Like I had said before, it has taken me time to develop a consistent spiritual practice where I had access, not only to my mind, but also where I could trust my intuitive and psychic inspirations.

Developing our spiritual practices or personal religions is not so we can go it alone.  Our lives on this planet are co-creation processes.  We need each other to unfurl and discover the missing pieces to our own puzzles.

Besides, it’s a lot more enjoyable to come together and problem-solve.

May you have fun in discovering and being aware of your true intensions, and then manifesting some of those thoughts to fruition.

Be well, my friends! 🙂

Warmly, Tonya


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