1 (a): near, being at, or belonging to the forepart; (b): situated in advance
2 (a): strongly inclined: ready; (b):  lacking modesty or reserve: brash
3: notably advanced or developed: precocious
4: moving, tending, or leading toward a position in front
5 (a): advocating an advanced policy in the direction of what is considered progress; (b): extreme, radical
6: of, relating to, or getting ready for the future



Forward (adv.): Old English forewearde “toward the front, in front; toward the future; at the beginning,” fore + ward.  Adjectival sense of “early” is from 1520s; that of “presumptuous” is attested from 1560s.  The Old English adjective meant “inclined to the front; early; former.”

Forward (v.): 1590s, “to help push forward,” from forward (adv.).  Meaning “to send (a letter, etc.) on to another destination” is from 1757; later of e-mail.



“I will go anywhere, provided it be forward.” 

David Livingstone (1813—1873, Scottish missionary and explorer who exercised a formative influence upon Western attitudes toward Africa)

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“Stop looking forward to things, look inward instead.” 

Kamand Kojouri (writer and author)

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“Three simple rules in life: If you do not go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you do not ask, the answer will always be no. If you do not step forward, you will always be in the same place.”


“Focus forward, not around you.
In the moment;
Not behind you.
Don't grimace in the whys, 
Relish in 'Yes-es;' - Be Positive...
When you amplify the goods, 
you'll see bads as infinitesimally minuscule.
Glorify and Cleanse... first and foremost, 
YOUR perception. 

Tiffany Luard (film producer)

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“How do you plan a rebirth? I'm not sure you do. You just stand in the darkness until you can't endure it any long, and then you move forward until you're standing in the light.”

Ahmir Questlove Thompson (b. 1971, American percussionist, multi-instrumentalist, DJ, music journalist, record producer, actor, best known as the drummer and joint frontman for the Grammy Award-winning band, The Roots, which is the in-house band for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" since 2014)

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“How do you plan a rebirth? I’m not sure you do.  You just stand in the darkness until you can’t endure it any long, and then you move forward until you’re standing in the light.”



Have you ever been at a crossroad, unable to move forward on your vision or goals?

You may have been perplexed by the two roads or directions before you?  Or, it may have felt as if you were in the hallway unable to find the keys to a stream of locked doors.  This can happen either when you have to make a soul wrenching shift in your life or if there’s a traumatic or catastrophic event.

Like most human beings, I have had many such events, which felt as if the Earth shifted beneath my feet.  I lost a mother at a young age, experienced great illnesses and catastrophic events, and survived a divorce.   And like all human beings, I have had many a “dark night[s] of the soul.”  Those nights may have been endured for days, weeks, months, or sometimes for years.

We all have to die to the self, mainly the ego false self,  in order to open the doors to the reservoir of the soul, so that we could move forward in cultivating lasting joyful lives.  We have to fight to face ourselves, our fears, or as the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Tutu so poignantly said in The Book of Joy, “the cessation of fear,” and work really hard for the transformations of our souls.  We also have to cultivate loving relationships with ourselves, The Cosmos, and others.

Sojourners, continue to move forward, with love and with gusto!

Faithfully Yours, Tonya









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