: an obscure speech or writing
: something hard to understand or explain
: an inscrutable or mysterious person

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Enigma (n.): 1530s, “statement which conceals hidden meaning or known thing under obscure words or forms,” earlier enigmate, from Latin aenigmariddle,” from Greek ainigmaa dark saying, riddle,” from ainessessthaispeak obscurely, speak with riddles,” from ainostale, story, saying, proverb.” According to Liddell & Scott, a poetic and ironic word, of unknown origin. General sense in English of “anything inexplicable to an observer” is from c. 1600.

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“Mystery is the wine of this universe. It makes us dizzy and makes us feel happy! Man needs enigma so that he can get rid of the dullness of the reality!”

Mehmet Murat ildan (b. 1965, age 50, Turkish author, poet, and playwright, who has published 7 plays and 25 stories)

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“Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.”

Winston Churchill (Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, 1874-1965, British statesman and prime minister of the UK, 1940-45 and 1951-55; also an accomplished journalist and historian)

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“Alas, nothing reveals man the way war does. Nothing so accentuates in him the beauty and ugliness, the intelligence and foolishness, the brutishness and humanity, the courage and cowardice, the enigma.”

Oriana Fallaci (1929-2006, Italian journalist, author, and political interviewer; a partisan during the WWII, she had a long and successful journalistic career.)

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“People are fascinating. They’re so unique and I think what’s more fascinating is the reason behind the physical characteristic, the enigma, that’s where the gold dust is.”

Andrea Riseborough (b. 1981, age 33, English stage and film actress, whose film appearances include “Birdman,” “Oblivion,” “Disconnect,” and “Brighton Rock”)

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“Ah, woman. She is an enigma. An anomaly of perfection & irony. She can lure angels into her arms & give birth to a nation of ideologies.”

Ace Antonio Hall (b. 1966, age 49, film actor)

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“Life is an enigma. We have to approach it not scientifically but poetically.”

Ronald Frame (b. 1953, age 62, Scottish prize-winning novelist, short story writer and dramatist)

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“Without the spiritual world the material world is a disheartening enigma.”

Joseph Joubert (1754-1824, French moralist and essayist, remembered for his “Pensées,” which was published posthumously.)

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“Art is the provocation for talking about enigma and the search for sense in human life. One can do that by telling a story or writing about a fresco by Giotto or studying how a snail climbs up a wall.”

John Berger (b. 1926, age 88, English art critic, novelist, painter, and poet; his novel “G.” won the 1972 Booker Prize, and his essay on art criticism “Ways of Seeing,” written as an accompaniment to a BBC series, often used as a university text.)

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“A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you, the less you know.”

Diane Arbus (1923-1971, American photographer and writer noted for photographs of marginalized people – dwarfs, giants, transgender people, nudists, circus performers – and others who normally were perceived by the general populace as ugly or surreal)

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“We shall never resolve the enigma of the relation between the negative foundation of greatness and that greatness itself.”

Jean Baudrillard (1929-2007, French sociologist, philosopher, cultural theorist, political commentator, and photographer; and is associated with postmodernism and post-structuralism.)

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We are, soul wise, enigmas and unique arrays of star patterns, waiting to be decoded and realigned.

The initial untangling of my own life started when I first began having children in my late twenties.  As some of you may be aware, the children coming into our world are our teachers, because they know who they are and their life missions.  My psychic children woke me up by challenging the status quo in me, and by setting me on a path of intensive internal coursework.

A good friend recently shared with me an analogy of her spiritual shifts. S he said it felt like the equivalent of being tossed around in a washing machine’s spin cycle, where it slowed down just enough to catch her breath.

I thought was an excellent visual of transformation and transmutation and the soul’s purification process.   These cycles and shift can sometimes go on for weeks, months, or in my case, for years.  But remember I was initiated back when there were only a few pioneers.  Now, the whole planet is collectively on this evolutionary course.

As a point of reference, my initiation came through a magnitude of waves, each time pushing me further and further to the shore.  Eventually, I let go and surrendered to the flow.

Although the process can sometimes be challenging it’s a necessary one, because it realigns and rekindles our relationship with self and with Source.

The enigmatic spiritual journey of self-discovery and self-love is a mysterious and possible quest of the unknown and the creative.

Let’s band together and stand tall for the Good and the Truth in one another.

Forever Faithful, Tonya


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