1 (a): having all necessary parts, elements, or steps; (b): having all four sets of floral organs; (c) of a subject or predicate: including modifiers, complements, or objects
2: brought to an end: concluded
3: highly proficient
4 (a): fully carried out: thorough; (b): total, absolute; (c) of a football pass: legally caught
of insect metamorphosis: characterized by the occurrence of a pupal stage between the motile immature stages and the adult
of a metric space: having the property that every Cauchy sequence of elements converges to a limit in the space



Complete (v.): late 14th century, from Old French complet “full,” or directly from Latin completus, past participle of complere “to fill up, complete the number of (a legion, etc.),” transferred to “fulfill, finish (a task),” from com-, here probably as an intensive prefix, + plere “to fill” (from Proto-Indo-European root pele- “to fill“).




“Don't mistake activity with achievement.” 

John Wooden (1910 – 2010, American basketball player and head coachat the University of California at Los Angeles)

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“Perhaps home is not a place but simply an irrevocable condition.” 

James Baldwin (1924-1987, essayist, playwright and novelist regarded as a highly insightful, iconic writer with works like "The Fire Next Time" and "Another Country")

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"All work done mindfully rounds us out, helps complete us as persons."

Marsha Sinetar (pioneering educator and author)

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“One's not half of two; two are halves of one.” 

E. E. Cummings (1894-1962, one of the most innovative poets of his time, who experimented with poetic form and language to create a distinct personal style)

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“Isn't everyone a part of everyone else?”

Budd Schulberg (1914 – 2009, American screenwriter, television producer, novelist, and sports writer; known for his 1941 novel, "What Makes Sammy Run?," his 1947 novel, "The Harder They Fall, his 1954 Academy Award-winning screenplay for "On the Waterfront" and his 1957 screenplay for "A Face in the Crowd")

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“Sacrifice demands the surrender of things we cherish above all else. Only out of the agony of those loses can a new resolution be born. An undying devotion to a cause greater than one’s self, and a moral duty to see a journey through to its absolute completion.” 

Emily Thorne (fictional character from the television drama series "Revenge")

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"Public service must be more than doing a job efficiently and honestly. It must be a complete dedication to the people and to the nation."

Margaret Chase Smith (1897-1995, first woman to win election to both the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate; cultivated a career as an independent and courageous legislator; and bravely denounced McCarthyism at a time when others feared speaking out would ruin their careers)

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“Perhaps home is not a place but simply an irrevocable condition.”

James Baldwin


I am reading this really wonderful book called, “The Book of Joy,” which entails enlightening conversations between His Holiness Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

His Holiness Dalai Lama offered this wonderful Tibetan quote, “Wherever you have friends that’s your country.  Wherever you receive love that’s your home.”  It goes without saying that this is profound wisdom, one that should be pondered.  Now that we have developed a very complex and multi-layered world, most of us have more than one country and many homes.

I know I personally do.  As I matured I am fortunate to have many friends, close friends, that live in many parts of this country.   For instance, I have close friend that lives in Kentucky, a brother that lives in the Philippines, dear friends in NYC and Puerto Rico, and in addition in every part of Florida state.  When I meet up or call these friends it’s as if I’ve seen these friends just yesterday.  It has become effortless to reconnect, mainly because we have many platforms to communicate.

“Home is where the heart is,” as the song goes, which essentially is about being at home with oneself, especially grounded in one’s body.

Stay connected, Sojourners, and have a Glorious weekend!

Much Love, Tonya







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