1: the state of being celebrated: fame

2: a famous or celebrated person

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Celebrity (n.): late 14th century, “solemn rite or ceremony,” from Old French celebrité “celebration” or directly from Latin celibritatem “multitude, fame,” from celeber frequented, populous” (related to: celebrate).  Meaning “condition of being famous” is from c. 1600; that of “famous person” is from 1849.

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“I'm obsessively opposed to the typical.” 

Lady Gaga (b. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta in 1986, American singer, songwriter, and actress, known for her experimental musical ideas and images and for her unconventionality and provocative work)

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"We are not doing celebrity, personality, abusive politics - we are doing ideas. This is about hope." 

Jeremy Corbyn (b. 1949, British politician who has been the Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition since 2015, and a Member of Parliament for Islington North since 1983) 

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“When everything gets answered, it's fake.” 

Sean Penn (b. 1960, actor, director, producer, and powerhouse film performer known for his intensely moving work, and who has drawn much media attention for his stormy private life and political viewpoints)

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“I'd rather be called a boy and play with paper airplanes than be called a man and play with a girl's heart.” 

Niall Horan (b. 1993, Irish singer and songwriter, best known as a member of the boy band, One Direction)

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"You don't learn from successes; you don't learn from awards; you don't learn from celebrity; you only learn from wounds and scars and mistakes and failures. And that's the truth."

Jane Fonda (b. Jane Seymour Fonda in 1937, American actress, writer, political activist, former fashion model and fitness guru, and two-time Academy Award winner)

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“When everything gets answered, it’s fake.”

Sean Penn


Unfortunately, celebrity has become the cultural opiate of our American society.  It’s about the seduction to make-believe worlds, which can be addictive at times.  Culturally, we have been programmed to trust in our fantasies rather than our own intuition or instincts.

Essentially, celebrity is about the spin, our willingness to suspend reality while allowing others to tell us what we think.

Life is not about knowing all the answers.  Actually, it’s about riding the waves of uncertainty so we can be amazed and surprised of what Life can offer.

The world is a complicated place, one that requires patience, persistence, and resilience in discerning what is what.

Instead of trusting ourselves, we are pushed to create avatars as our enhanced representatives, faking ourselves out of reality and into quick sands of loneliness and unnecessary suffering by lying to ourselves.

Be alert of what is being spun around the any celebrity or idolatry.  Look instead, sojourners, for the enlightened humanity that can eminent in all of us!

Faithfully Yours, Tonya


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