: to cause to approach or adhere: as
a: to pull to or draw toward oneself or itself
b: to draw by appeal to natural or excited interest, emotion, or aesthetic sense: entice



Attract (v.): early 15th century, from Latin attractus, past participle of attrahereto draw, pull; to attract,” from ad-to” + traheredraw” (related to: tract).

“Originally a medical term for the body’s tendency to absorb fluids, nourishment, etc., or for a poultice treatment to ‘draw out’ diseased matter (1560s). Of the ability of people or animals to draw others to them, it is attested from 1560s; of physical forces (magnetism, etc.), from c. 1600 (implied in attraction).”



“What you seek is seeking you.”

Rumi (1207-1273, Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī,
13th-century Persian poet, jurist, Islamic scholar, theologian, and Sufi mystic)

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“The problem with human attraction is not knowing if it will be returned.”

Becca Fitzpatrick (b. 1979, author known for having written the New York Times bestseller young adult novel, “Hush, Hush”)

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“‘Love must not entreat,' she added, 'or demand. Love must have the strength to become certain within itself. Then it ceases merely to be attracted and begins to attract.’”

Herman Hesse (1877-1962, German novelist, poet, and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1946, best known for “Siddhartha”)

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“Mysteries of attraction could not always be explained through logic. Sometimes the fractures in two separate souls became the very hinges that held them together.”

Lisa Kleypas (b. 1964, contemporary and historical fiction writer and New York Times Bestseller)

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“Create or attract through focused desire the things you wish for in life.”

Steven Redhead (British self-help author and motivational spaker, best known for “Unleash The Power of Your Heart and Mind”)

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“All governments suffer a recurring problem: Power attracts pathological personalities.”

Frank Herbert (1920-1986, science fiction writer best known for his magnum opus, “Dune” and its five sequels)

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“Nice people don't necessarily fall in love with nice people.”

Jonathan Franzen (novelist, essayist, and author of “Purity” and four other novels, most recently “The Corrections” and “Freedom”)

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“Nature wishes that woman should attract man, yet she often cunningly moulds into her face a little sarcasm, which seems to say, 'Yes, I am willing to attract, but to attract a little better kind of a man than any I yet behold’”

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882, poet, essayist, and philosopher, who led the Transcendentalist movement of the 19th century)

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“Create or attract through focused desire the things you wish for in life.”

Steven Redhead


Remember those times when we didn’t worry about much.  We were curious, but we weren’t corrupted by the onslaught of the world’s demands.  We just focused on those things we loved to do without being concerned if we were going to succeed or not.  We giddily tried our abilities on, and if they didn’t fit or feel quite right we donned another one of our gifts.  The more we explored, the more we attracted.

When we loved what we were doing we focused on doing those activities well.  It wasn’t work, but play.  And we didn’t care about other people’s opinions of us.  We dared to be our individual selves.  We were, mostly innocent and gullible to the tempest makings of our world.  We were not born “street smart,” and unless we had those direct life experiences, we could be slow to understand that there are others that did not encourage our success, but tried to work against it.

Inevitably, somewhere along the line we were seduced into believing that another person’s idea of who we are is what we were destined to be. It was usually a superficial role of some kind, the role of the friend, daughter, son, wife, husband, mother, father, or worker.  We didn’t know that once we haphazardly agreed to another person’s expectations we locked ourselves in, for a time, to a seemingly “irrevocable” contract of illusions — that is, until we discover the truth: we can dig deeper in The Well, reorder ourselves, and attract more of who we are, authentically.

Be conscious, sojourners, of the many teachers we can encounter on Life’s Glorious Spectrum.

Miraculously Yours, Tonya



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