1 : to seek to attain or accomplish a particular goal (such as a particular career or level of success)
2: Ascend, Soar



Aspire (v.): “strive for,” c. 1400, from Old French aspirerinspire, breathe, breathe on” (12c.), from Latin aspirareto breathe upon, blow upon, to breathe,” also, transferred senses, “ to be favorable, assist; to climb upon to, to endeavor to obtain, to reach to, to seek to reach; infuse,” from ad– “to” + spirareto breathe” (related to spirit). The notion is of “panting with desire,” or perhaps of rising smoke.



“I’ve run into certain geniuses of individualism – they are very few and far between – who live their lives completely on their own terms; they are very powerful and have a great amount of happiness. We all should aspire to that.”

David Duchovny (b. 1960, American actor, writer, poet, producer, director, and singer-songwriter; best known for the X-Files)

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“Being kind is the most important thing I’ve ever been taught. That’s what my parents always told me – more important than ambition or success if being kind to people. The cornerstone of my life. What I inspire to is to be kind.”

Rafe Spall (b. 1983, English actor, best known for his roles in The Shadow Line, Pete versus Life, One Day, Anonymous, Prometheus, and Life of Pi; he is the son of Timothy Small, a great English character actor.)

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“Good character consists of recognizing the selfishness that inheres in each of us and trying to balance it against the altruism to which we should all aspire. It is a difficult balance to strike, but no definition of goodness can complete without it.”

Alan Dershowitz (b. 1938, American lawyer, jurist, author, political commentator, prominent scholar on constitutional law and criminal law, and a leading defender of civil liberties)

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“I don’t want to flee, nor do I want to abandon the battle of these farmers who live without protection in the forest. They have the sacrosanct right to aspire to a better life on land where they can live and work with dignity while respecting the environment.”

Dorothy Stang (1931-2005, Sister Doroth Mae Stang, S.N.D., American-born Brazilian member of the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. She murdered in Anapu, a city in the state of Pará, the Amazon Basin of Brazil.)

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“I can and do aspire to be greater than the sum total of my experiences, but I accept my limitations. I willingly accept that we who judge must not deny the differences resulting from experience and heritage but attempt, as the Supreme Court suggests, continuously to judge when those opinions, sympathies and prejudices are appropriate.”

Sonia Sotomayor (b. 1954, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, servicing since August 2009)

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“A sincere seeker knows what his goal is: the highest Truth. He will not delay his journey. In spiritual life, we aspire for the highest Truth, for God, nothing else.”

Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007, born Chinmoy Kumar Ghose, Indian spiritual master who taught meditation in the West after moving to New York City in 1964)

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“Great theatre is about challenging how we think and encouraging us to fantasize about a world we aspire to.”

Willem Dafoe (b. 1955, American actor, member of the experimental theater company, The Wooster Group, and nominated for an Academy Award for the best supporting actor for Platoon and Shadow of the Vampire)

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“I believe entertainment can aspire to be art, and can become art, but if you set out to make art you’re an idiot.”

Steve Martin (b. Stephen Glenn Martin in 1945, American comedian, actor, writer, producer, and musician)

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“I’ve run into certain geniuses of individualism – they are very few and far between – who live their lives completely on their own terms; they are very powerful and have a great amount of happiness. We all should aspire to that.”

— David Duchovny

If we aspire to have authentic lives, happiness, joy, passion, and mastery will inevitably be integral parts of our creations.

The path to such divine adventures is self-knowledge, not only of who we are, but the composition of our multi-leveled and multi-dimensional earthly and cosmic selves.

It takes a considerable amount of discipline to explore the deep and far regions of our minds, hearts, and souls, because too often we are pressured to fall in line to other people’s preferences and expectations.

If, however, we are honest with ourselves when we look at our reflections, we will discern what we value the most when it comes to investing our time, love, and energy (and that includes money) towards any given project.

Once we have an inkling of our possibilities we can piece together our profiles of how we have and would like to contribute the world.  It takes a bit to uncover the important pieces of our puzzles, so have patience, and don’t worry about being perfect.  That’s a waste of much needed energy.  Our mistakes and missteps are gemstones, because they provide experiential knowledge of what to let go and what to hold dear.

So, let us not beat ourselves up for entertaining destructive entanglements and powerless patterns.  Instead let us bless those situations and persons that allowed us to grow more confident in our aspirations to discover our unique geniuses.

Be well, my friends, and have a glorious day!

Much Love, Tonya





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